Extremis Romeo and Juliet Bench

Romeo & Juliet Inspired Bench

Sometimes a garden needs a bench, and then sometimes a bench needs a garden.  The Romeo and Juliet bench from Belgium company Extremis takes care of both, creating a planter system with seating.  The long strips of wood planking for the seats are in harmony with the aluminum slats that create a floating affect.  Fiberglass pots underneath create a sturdy base, and are spaced far enough apart for sizable trees to be planted within. 

In a play on the theme of Romeo and Juliet, the design of this bench was meant to create a space where trees could live together, but without touching.  However, without being doomed like the two lovers, the bases provide a large enough space to allow roots to grow and expand, providing longevity to the growth of the plants within. 

Perfect for residential or commercial spaces, the benches can be lined up or circled, creating a well balanced line of trees as the spacing is identical between all of them.  Designed by the team of Stijn Goethals and Koen Baeyans, the Romeo and Juliet bench creates architectural elegance regardless of where it is placed.  A single bench is 320 cm long by 74 cm wide.