Environmentally Friendly Home Lighting Design

Home Lighting by Stray Dog Design - Environmentally Friendly and Functional

Go Fetch

Home Lighting Design: Wavy Green Pendant Light

Adorable, handy, and kind of feisty. These are the words used by Stray Dog Design to describe their Wavy Green Pendant light. This adorable striped hanging light comes with three flower magnets to use for additional decoration or as a place to put your notes. Who knew that lighting could be this functional?

Wavy Green Pendant Light

Home Lighting Design: Helen Johnston Floor Lamp

Helen Johnston Floor Lamp

On the opposite end there is the Helen Johnston Floor Lamp that is regal, sculpted, and striking. I don’t know Helen, but she must be a fine woman to deserve that description. This lamp will make its home in the most noticeable corner, yet make you feel immediately welcome. Bring your own refreshments.


Home Lighting Design: Buttercup Lamp

All of the pieces featured at Stray Dog Design are designed by Jane Gray, founding partner. All of their products are made from recycled and sustainable materials: papier mache, glass, iron, tin, or wood, and are created by local artisans in Haiti or Mexico. The rest is assembled in the United States.

Buttercup Lamp

While the products I discovered with this company are a visual delight, their commitment to the environment and dedication to animal welfare sealed the deal. From the colorful tables, happy lamps and quirky mirrors, to the unusual objets d’ art (I’ve finally found that Pagan Goat Head I’ve needed all these years) you’ll enjoy their lively sense of humor.

Written by Jan Finlayson. Edited by Ryan Kerby.