Elegant Traditional Bathroom Designs by Kohler

A Private Retreat

Check out Kohler’s beautiful traditional bathroom designs.

Transport yourself to a time which focused on courtier living, white wigs and extreme elegance. 

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Art Deco Bath


Arcadian Chapel Inspired Bathroom

Arcadian Chapel highlights the luxurious material and sculptural drama of the Kohler Vessels Botticelli lavatory - all within the cozy environment of a cathedral-inspired alcove. 


Elegant Bathroom by Kohler


Country Style Bathroom Vaneties


Warm Wood Bathroom Vaneties


Surfside Bathroom


Fonderie Bathroom

Fonderie is a perfect example of a successful, unexpected approach to designing with vintage inspired fixtures. 


Le Bain Parc Monceau

Architecture and interior design — envisioned as a whole in Le Bain Parc Monceau. 


White Tile Bathroom


White Vintage Bathroom


Stately Gray Bath


Elegant Urban Bathroom


Skylight Bathroom


Simply Elegant Bathroom