Eight Must Have Decorating Accessories For Spring 2009

Spring’s Must Have Accessories for Your Home

It’s the time of the year to find some splashy new updates for decorating your home. These are the top trends to infuse with your current interiors:

1. Spring 2009 Decorating Trends: Yellow Home Decor

Yellow is the color of the year! Bring in some sunshine and happiness with a collection of small vases, pillows, even a bowl of lemons will do.

Decorating With Yellow

2. Spring 2009 Decorating Trends: Mirrored Finish Furniture, Decor, & Accessories

It’s all about light and reflection, and there are plenty of mirrored accessories to accomplish this with. Mercury balls, mirrored mosaic boxes, and accent tables with mirrored sides are easy to pull into to any style of interior.

Mirror Finish Decor



Mirrored Finish Decor

Mirrored Finish Furniture

3. Spring 2009 Decorating Trends: Fashion Inspired Decor

This trendy look hails from the current runway fashions and is fine for small doses. Tassels and feather-laced trims on pillows or table skirts can look luxurious and quite decadent if the feathers are colorful. Look to peacock for the best color and quality.Fashion Inspired Decor

4. Spring 2009 Decorating Trends: Sculpture Home Decor

Sculptures for home interiors. A table top sculpture instantly brings scale and proportion to the center of a table. Decorators are getting away from stacks of boxes and using one key piece of art as an interior focal point. It doesn’t need to be relevant or expensive – many companies such as Arteriors Home offer simple, elegant items that stand well on their own.Sculpture Home Decor

5. Spring 2009 Decorating Trends: Gold Home Decor

Gold Home Decor, Accessories and Accents.  Gold decor keeps coming back around every few years. Decorating with gold is a symbol of prosperity, and while in these economic times it seems out of place, gold gives hope. Put away the silver for awhile and add gold tones with candlesticks or trays.Gold Home Decor

6. Spring 2009 Decorating Trends: Nature Inspired Interiors

Nature Inspired Home Decor - Leafy motifs on fabrics are everywhere and easy on the eyes. We love the simplicity of ginkgo leaves and the movement of viney patterns. Accent pieces such as a table with a tree trunk base are a quirky addition to any interior.Nature Inspired Decor

7. Spring 2009 Decorating Trends: Add Some Bling To Your Home Interior

Bling – sequins, metallic finishes, shiny threads, beading, mirrored inserts, anything reflective and shimmery. The Eastern influence of interiors uses these touches with rich, decadent colors that allow all this shine to make sense. A whole room full is unnecessary – but a touch is right up to the minute. Accent lighting, fabric throws, or small boxes work this trend well.

8. Spring 2009 Decorating Trends: Accessorize With Embroidery and Ruffles

Embroidery and Ruffles - Ruffles are another runway trend that may have limited life. Pillows are the best way to work the ruffles without overkill. Embroidered items evoke a more vintage feel, and add unusual textured touches.



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