Ebanista Furniture - "Nobility and Beauty"

ebanista furnitureEbanista Furniture

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Ebanista’s Old World Furniture

This image is from a recent ad for Ebanista Furniture, but I’m much more intrigued by the piece of art coming out of the wall.  From a design standpoint, the room is a lovely feat of proportions, offsetting the incredibly tall windows and vaulted ceiling with this monument looking down on the seating. 

ebanista furnitureEbanista - European Design Furniture - Faux Antique

…”a complexity and warmth that are seldom seen together…contrasting characters that complement one another…the nobility and beauty of the finer materials…the dedication, patience, and pride of craftsmanship…antiquity, patina, and old world techniques…graceful lines…sensitivity to proportion and pedigreed details,” states Ebanista’s website. 

ebanista furnitureEbanista - European Design Furniture - Faux Antique

That statement is a wonderful testament to this photo, but I’m still wondering how the sculpture got up there and what is really holding it in place.  I would love to see the features – is he smiling?  Is he swan diving into the sofa?  Is he being thoughtful and watchful over the home?  How heavy is that thing – is it made from resin and hollow?  This is not my typical style of decorating as the room has a sort of stark quality, even with the warmer colors, but I kept returning to this picture to try to sort out why it continued to catch my eye.  

ebanista furnitureEbanista - European Design Furniture - Faux Antique

If nothing else, this is great advertising for Ebanista – if anyone else is as intrigued as I am about the art, they will undoubtedly be struck with the rest of the room.  As with any interior decorating, the most important element is the unexpected.