Eastvold Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture by Eastvold

Based in the small town of Dennison, Minnesota, Eastvold Custom Furniture produces custom furniture for retail, office and home use. Using a range of beautiful wood, wood veneer, laminate and metals, Eastvold specializes beautifully crafted cabinets and low, welcoming tables.

Diversifying the dissemination of their furniture so that some of their work is available through their home website while another branch of furniture is available in their Etsy store indicates a savvy and democratic approach to design and retail. The success has been clear with Better Homes and Gardens and Dwell Magazine among the publications to pick up on Eastvold’s presence.

Eastvold invests time and energy in finding the most ecologically responsible method of furniture production. To this end, they use ethically harvested lumber as well as formaldehyde free plywood in their products. They also complement their use of wood with the use of alternative wood products such as bamboo and recycled particleboard. The end result is beautiful design with an ecologically sound ethos.

Supporting a small, independent and creative company is a joy in itself, but Eastvold makes the effort a coup in terms of what you get. Clean lines, quality materials, unique pieces and an effortless yet elegant style are the hallmarks of an Eastvold piece. Finally, Eastvold ensure no member of any family is forgotten. Their beautiful “Jesse Dog Dish” adds a simple grace to even the most pedestrian of objects!

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