Eastern Influence: The Slumdog Millionaire Effect on Decorating

Indian Influence on Interior Design

The Oscar winning movie Slumdog Millionaire has left its mark on viewers for its stunning portrayal of life in Mumbai.  The rich culture and images has influenced Western design, and is stirring up fashion as well as interior design.  The textile industry has reacted with high watt colors and rich patterns that will appeal to a broad audience.

 Zimmer and Rhode - Ardecora Collection

Ardecora through Zimmer and Rhode is releasing a collection that includes sequins and metallic threads to emulate the incredible dresses of Eastern Indian culture.  Fuchsia, purple, orange and yellow will dominate the exquisite ikat, paisley, and floral embroidered patterns.  Available with interior designers in late April.

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Designer Guild Collection - Anastasia - Irinia Pattern

From the Designer Guild collection “Anastasia” comes the Irina pattern.  Rich floral embroidery is highlighted with metallic threads on saturated cotton grounds.  The fuchsia background featured for this pattern creates a “pop” for the floral pattern.

Designers Guild anastasia irina

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Ikat patterns are nothing new to decorating, but are enjoying resurgence nonetheless.  Be prepared to see this multi-colored look on smaller pieces of furniture, bedding, and window treatments.  Combined with solids and tone on tone damasks, the pattern appears as a refreshing geometric alternative. 

Kirk Brummel Collection - Brunschwig and Fils - Margeaux Figure Woven Viscose

Kirk Brummel created a fantastic collection with Indian influence for Brunschwig and Fils this spring.  Most notable is the Margeaux Figure Woven viscose and cotton blend.  The lovely nod to paisley will work well in both modern and traditional interiors.

kirk brummel fabric

Consider using a little Eastern influence in your home decorating this spring.  The ethnic patterns are used well in small doses in order to not look too trendy.  Save the outlandish sequined patterns for fun pillows or accents.

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