Do Certain Colors Actually make you hungry?


Colors That Make You Hungry
So it’s my dining room that’s making me fat…

There is an excuse for everything, and if you haven’t already you can add paint colors to your list.  In the study of Chromodynamics, colors are determined to excite, depress, anger, stimulate or decrease appetite, create warmth or coolness. 


Picking paint colors is often an exhausting or daunting task, and throw in a few mood issues confuses it further.  Naturally it is important to have the whole how flow with complimentary colors, but it is necessary to understand some of the basic psychology behind the science.  The wrong color can actually give the room a bad vibe. 

The cliché color for dining rooms is red, but did you know that red actually stimulates and increases appetite?  Orange and yellow are also known to act the same way.  A warmer tone makes you want to stay in that room longer, and makes it more conducive to eating…and eating…


On the opposite end, studies say that rooms painted in blue, violet or indigo tones repress appetite and make you feel cooler.  These colors also are considered relaxing and will have a sleep-inducing effect.  While you may think you are losing the weight by not eating, you’ll sleep right through your workout.


The optimal color to keep you relaxed and more in balance for appetite are shades of green, something we’ve known for years in the design world.  Stay away from tones that are too yellow or acidic, which can actually create upset or tension in the body.


Is this the best advice to follow when choosing color?  It certainly can’t hurt, but choose the colors you like and respond well so, rather than something that doesn’t fit your home well.

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