Digital Print On Canvas and Large Scale Photos - Taking Your Pictures to New Heights

canvas wall art ideas

Pros and amateurs unite! Massive images produced as high quality photos on canvas are taking over the empty space above you sofa.  Larger than a game board and sometimes spanning the width of a sofa, these majestic photos on canvas are becoming easy to produce with the high tech of digital printing.

Digital Photo Print On Canvas Curtosy of

Photos On Canvas

Digital Photo Print On Canvas Curtosy of

Encased in simple frames, photographs of blossoms in bloom to gritty black and white subjects are showing up everywhere, even elegant dressy rooms.  Their artistic statement can’t be avoided as the new printing processes allow for extreme clarity.  Large scale photos on canvas add a fresh take on a traditional room, and allow for a sublime impact in a modern room.  

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Photo on Canvas

canvas wall art ideas

If you have a knack for photography, then websites such as Canvas on Demand can produce the photos on canvas for you.  They can create unique works by adding color to emulate an oil painting, or retouching.  Using your own photography adds a personal touch to a room as well as a conversational piece.

For my UK based readers, Canvas Print Art UK is an ebay store offering a wide selection of photos on canvas across several categories and genres.

There are also many resources that offer large scale pieces of black and white or color photography.  Trowbridge Gallery has an archive of both classic and new images, ranging from sleek architecture to iconic movie stars such as Audrey Hepburn. 

The Charlie Waite Collection of 42” square color landscapes has an incredible clarity that is awe inspiring – an entire room can be built around his works. Your Sentimental Photos into Canvas Art! Click here!

photos on canvas

A large scale photo will anchor a wall as well as add dimension to a room.  Whether you create the work yourself, or find a piece that speaks to you is your personal choice.  Combine photography with other works of art for a visual treat and make the room your favorite choice to sit in.

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