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Tricia Guild is a design legend in Great Britain. She began to make her mark on the interior design world in 1970 with the founding of Designers Guild on Kings Road in London and she’s never looked back.

She set out to offer what was a new and innovative concept at that time—she called it “lifestyle.” The goal was to create a lifestyle in home decor and offer it to the public, not just to the interior design trade. It may have been ahead of its time, but the idea caught on and is still going strong today. And so is that little shop of Kings Road.

The Colorful World of Tricia Guild

Designers Guild - Kings Road in LondonGuild is best known internationally for her dramatic colorful fabrics, which by the way, are presented in two collections every single year. Described as painterly, Designers Guild offerings are bold, vibrant and often grand in scale. Her first collection, called Village was created 35 years ago by recoloring Indian hand-blocked printed fabrics. She is still inspired by the textiles of India and returns to visit at least once a year.

When asked by 1st Dibs to describe her favorite fabric for its Style Compass Digital Magazine, this is what the designer said: “Where to start? Silk, pure cotton, linen, velvet, all of the above and more. If I had to choose what I love right now, it would be the new digital prints that we have just launched – from extravagant panels of flowers in classic urns to contemporary floral on soft cotton percale. I love the contrast of large scale classical motifs in modern colors and using cutting-edge technology – it feels right for right now.”

Zephirine Digital Print Fabric Collection - Designers Guild FabricsWhat she’s talking about is Zephirine, her latest collection and the first one she’s done featuring digitally printed fabrics. These new designs bring the company’s range to more than 500 fabrics. Complementing those are over 400 wallpapers.

Travelin Fabric and Wall Covering Collection - Designers GuildOne of the most interesting recent developments for Guild is the 2008 launch of The Royal Collection of fabrics and wall coverings on “behalf of the Royal Household” which is set to become a series of collections based on the interiors of the Royal residences.

The Royal Collection - Fabrics & Wall Coverings - Designers GuildNot content to conquer only the realm of fabrics and wallpapers, Guild has branched out into almost every field of home décor products, including paints, bed linens, furniture, rugs, decorative accessories like ceramics, as well as kitchenware and a collection for the bath.

Darly Printed Floral Bedding - Deluxe 200 thread count cotton sateenHer furniture is best described as crisp and contemporary, with a nod here and there to the style of 50s Britain. It’s comfortable, yet filled with interesting lines and details that give the pieces a sense of the luxurious.

Designers Guild FurnitureTricia Guild has also published 15 books, beginning in 1982 with Soft Furnishings. Her latest in 2010 is called Tricia Guild: Colors, Patterns, and Space (A Certain Style in Great Britain.) In between, she wrote Designing with Flowers, Design & Detail, Design & Garden, Tricia Guild New Soft Furnishings, Tricia Guild on Colour, Tricia Guild’s Painted Country, Tricia Guild in Town, Cut Flowers, Think Pink, White Hot, Private View, Pattern, and Flowers.


Tricia Guild: Colors, Patterns, and Space

Designers Guild Online Shopping

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