Inspirational Interior Designs by Delphine Krakoff

French-born, business-educated Delphine Krakoff knows a thing or several about design in general, and this is not due solely to her husband Reed’s work as President and executive creative director of Coach Leather or to his recently launched, personal clothing line.

Through her interior design firm and in her personal life, Delphine Krakoff weds an innate sense of proportion and balance in both the  color and space of a room. Her sense of style is highly educated yet unpretentious, singular yet still deferential to the historical influence of Louis XIV interiors. To this end, Krakoff’s style is a “go to source” for inspiration and accessibility when it comes to arranging your own home.

One need only consider the artisans and influential designers you will find in the Krakoff home which was recently featured in American Vogue. The designers include Serge Roche from the 1930s and the Lalannes from the 1960s.

On the influence of American decorators you will find touches of Ogden Codman, Jr. and Elsie de Wolfe coupled with contemporary  French artist and furniture maker Pierre Le-Tan. Finish your exploration of Krakoff’s style with furniture maker Marc Newson and you have received direct insight into how turn of the century modernism can collaborate with contemporary style. (For Marc Newson’s work) (for inspiration) (Denise Krakoff Interiors)