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Pink Interior Design - Pink is making a comeback. Is Decorating With Pink Only For Women?


Raspberry, Fuchsia, Petal, Mystique….call it what you want, but shades of pink are working their way back into interior decorating.  Pink is a color of renewal and hope, and may be just the shot we need to enliven our spring outlook.  Once looked at as a frilly, feminine outcast, pink is making a stronger name for itself.

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It is bolder, brighter, and robust for one.  Not content to be a baby color, the new pinks have swagger.  Combined with rich browns, yellows, navy or green tones, this color acts as a vivid accent in its pairings.  Robert Allen Design has released a brand new book called Tulip that fresh new florals, rich stripes, and decadent woven patterns. 

Pink Interior Design - Painting With Pink

Painting a room a shade of the new pinks adds a flattering glow.  Sherwin Williams “Cherries Jubilee” adds a rosy glow without being too girly.  Pair with chocolate brown and greens for a more modern effect. 

Sherwin Williams Cherries Jubilee


Pink Interior Design - Romo Collection For The Walls

Romo’s newest collection of prints and wallpapers combines fuchsia with acid yellows and charcoal for a cutting edge look.  Their fashion forward approach to color has a high design look when combining unexpected patterns.  Graphic geometrics of pink and metallic gold are combined with high impact florals and narrow velvet stripes to create a one of a kind look.

Century pink chairs

 Romo manderley_G2_1_sm

Romo wallpaper marenkawp_G4_1_thumb

Try incorporating one of the new pinks into your current color scheme.  Surprisingly versatile, you may be surprised how it can instantly update your décor and add an element of surprise.

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