Decorating With Orange: 35 Eye-Popping Pictures


The sacral chakra (sex chakra) is associated with the color orange and regulates circulation and metabolism.

Orange is used to treat depression, kidney and lung problems and hypothyroidism. It’s also beneficial in treating respiratory, spleen, pancreatic and digestive issues. It helps ease reproductive difficulties as well.

Psychologically, the orange color is used to promote joy and happiness, increase concentration, creativity and energy. It enhances emotional health and encourages socialization. It’s a great color to use in offices or entertaining areas.


The negative effects of too much orange may be tiredness, pessimism or confusion. Blues and greens are compliment colors that will balance the effect.


If you have the design nerve, try one of the many shades of orange, from soft Orange Blossom to deep Starburst Orange on an accent wall. If you need a little time to get used to this bold step, consider a small pop of the color in a chair, an area rug or a few toss pillows on the sofa or bed.