Decorating Style: NDI Tribeca Collection

Silk Flowers: The Tribeca Collection by NDI

Is That For Real?

Look closely…do you see the dappled color and veining of the amaryllis? It’s almost as if they were just picked. NDI has mastered the art of silk flowers and does arrangements that look like they were just delivered from the florist. Their new Tribeca Collection features vivid colors of spring and summer in modern arrangements. The Amaryllis Watergarden ($298) fools the eye with its incredibly real look of water in the vase.

This same group features arrangements of all sizes, both traditional and modern. The Heliconia Ginger Watergarden ($565) is invigorating with its unique shapes and sizes of realistic plants. These showy pieces will last for years and are easy to clean. Check out the website for a more complete view of what NDI has to offer.