Decorating For The Seasons: Warm Up To Autumn

Wouldn’t you love to give your home a new look every time the seasons change?

Well, you may not be able to do a complete overhaul, but there are tricks that let you harmonize your décor with the seasons without breaking the bank.  Take autumn for instance. 

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Mother Nature adorns herself with a kaleidoscopic of colors for one last celebration before the stark hues of winter take over. The air fills with the sweet intoxicating smells of harvest’s bounty and wildlife scurry to prepare their homes for the coming cold. As temperatures drop and nightfall comes earlier, we begin to spend more time inside and, like the nesting animals we want our homes to be warm and cozy.  To achieve that effect, start by taking a hint from nature.

Let Nature be Your Decorator

Nature is a great source of inspiration when you’re decorating for the seasons.  In autumn, touches of russets and golds, oranges, nut browns, yellows, forest greens, and berries are great ways to bring some of the fall palette into your home.  Step outside your door and collect brightly hued leaves or wild flowers, gather acorns, pine cones, or even long, slender sticks that have lost all their leaves. Slip your treasures into glass vases or mason jars and place them in strategic places around the house. Autumn is a time of harvest, so be sure to add some apples, pumpkins, stems of bittersweet, or wheat fronds to your arrangements or place a bowl of harvest bounty on a coffee table or sideboard. 

Layer on Textures for Added Warmth

Although you may prefer bare floors during the summer, when autumn arrives floors get cold and area rugs make cozy additions.  Try layering rugs on top of rugs for more depth. Use a rug made from an organic material like hemp or straw for the base layer then top it with a smaller rug made from a contrasting fabric such as wool or nylon.  Use a colorful print on a more neutral base or angle the top rug for an interesting twist.

Layer a soft throw across a chair or sofa to create an invitation to curl up on a chilly night.  Try a plaid throw featuring a muted blend of autumn colors or a tapestry throw like the charming one pictured here. If you love it, it’s available at Decor4u. The addition of a stack of books nearby makes it clear this is a great place to relax.

Don’t forget to change the throw pillows as well.  Bring in a variety of pillows made from different textures and fabrics, like velvets, knits, and brocades.  Continue the autumn color scheme in your pillow choices.


Slipcovers and Curtains for Autumn Warmth

When the seasons change, it’s time to change your slipcovers and drapes.  This is much more affordable than buying new furniture or window coverings every year yet it still gives the room an entirely new look.  Layer drapes over sheers for an air of intimacy and to help keep out the drafts. When spring returns take the drapes down and enjoy the warm summer breezes through the airy panels This is an investment that you can use year after year.

Slipcovers not only help give your room a newly redecorated look, they’re a great way to protect your furniture from every day wear and tear. These soft, washable covers from Pottery Barn are a rich color for autumn and all winter long.

Add a Fireplace

Now that your rooms feel warmer and cozier, enjoy gathering with family and friends in front of the fireplace.  If you don’t have one, add one!  This wall hung fireplace is fueled by safe, odorless gel and can be used indoors or out.  Nothing adds ambience to a room faster than a glowing fire.  Of course, there are styles to fit any room, even the smallest of spaces.  If you can’t devote any wall space to your fireplace, choose a compact tabletop model and still enjoy flickering flames and soothing warmth.  And remember, fireplaces don’t have to be in the living room. Add a fireplace in the bedroom for a great romantic touch.

It doesn’t take major investments to decorate for the seasons and you’ll enjoy a wealth of pleasure from simple changes.  When the calendar turns and spring is around the corner, it will be time to fashion a lighter, sunnier feel but for now give your home welcoming warmth and create a cozy haven from the chill of autumn.