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Corset Chair - Coutour - Sarah Louise Dix

Sarah Louise Dix

Pink Label and Couture Collection

We are not sure if it’s the genius, the whimsy, the incredible quality or the intelligently elegant pun Sarah Louise Dix’s furniture line plays on “couture,” but we do know we are enraptured and waiting for more.

Dix started to develop what had been an upholstery habit into a full-fledged company in 2005. Her notorious “corset chair” won her a first taste of fame, and judging from her additional pieces, she’s unwilling to surrender her growing fan base. The corset chair is seduction you can sit upon. Taking the best winks of a traditional garment, now revitalized by Vivienne Westwood’s Agent Provocateur’s lingerie line, Dix’s corset chair is detailed with the appropriately chocolate brown, velvet ribbon laced tightly against its frame. 

Couture Collection - Corset ChairIf this is a little too effeminate for your taste, how about the man’s jacket chair? This chair comes with, yes, a jacket in creamy camel colored leather complete with brass studs and…iPod earphones delicately attached to one of the jacket’s pockets.

Couture Leather Coat Chair - Couture Collection - Sarah Louise DixWe now know chairs require accessories too. A low footstool covered in sand color silk also wears a furry, sheepskin stole.

Cape Footstool - Couture Collection - Sarah Louise DixAnother chair wears a full, black silk couture ball gown, complete with a zipper and tassel at the back that zips to reveal a lining of silver satin with rhinestone trim.

Couture Ball Gown Chair - Couture CollectionThese tailor made chairs have reworked vintage wooden frames that are stripped of stain, oiled anew,and reupholstered to perfection. Sarah Louise Dix’s work returns us to the original meaning of “couture” as something that is “one of a kind.”  

Corset Chair - Pink LabelFortunately, she recently introduced a second line at a lower cost. Dix’s “Pink Collection” reworks her original corset chair as well as a footstool. What could possibly top Dix’s willingness to expand her line, her discipline towards maintaining high quality, her unique vision for how we might “wear” our chairs? She has an etsy shop!

Sarah Louise Dix on Etsy

Sarah Louise Dix

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