Coordinate Your Holiday Decor with Your Interior Design Style Part 1


Part 1: Contemporary Christmas Decorating and Choosing The Right Christmas Tree


As the old song goes, Christmas is the happiest time of the year, but it’s also the busiest.  Not only do you have to do all the shopping, baking, cleaning, card sending and attend and host holiday get-togethers, you also have to decorate your home - and you want it all to be perfect.  While we may not be able to help you with your other holiday tasks, we can lend you a hand with your decorating.

Flocked White Christmas Tree Decorated In Turquoise.

One surefire way to be confident your holiday decorations look just right in your home is to use decorations that reflect the style of your other decor choices.  Is your home cool and contemporary, dressed with minimalistic furnishings and modern art pieces?  Or are you surrounded by cozy, country appeal?  Do you prefer a more formal, traditional feeling or is your home a Victorian charmer?  Whichever style you’ve used throughout your home, continuing the theme in your Christmas decor will guarantee a harmonious flow.  Let’s take a peek at a few decorating styles and see how they are accomplished.

Part 1: Contemporary Christmas Decorating and Choosing a Christmas Tree

Modern Contemporary Christmast Interior Decorating

When you’ve created a sleek, sophisticated space, often the bright colors and heartily embellished decorations used in traditional Christmas decor just don’t seem to feel right in your home. Luckily, there are some great alternatives that will fit beautifully into your contemporary decorating scheme.

White and Gold Christmas Tree

The tree is usually the showpiece of the Christmas decorations, but no one says it has to be decorated in red and green.  Instead, choose a monochromatic scheme of silver and white, with just the occasional spot of scarlet or another favorite color.  A twig tree is the perfect choice. 

Silver and Gold Christmas Tree

If you like, use clear line to hang sparkling snowflakes from the branches or add a scattering of silver or clear acrylic or glass ornaments.

Silver and Blue Christmas Tree

Continue the theme throughout your home by framing a mirror with tiny white fairy lights that reflect in the mirrored glass or stand a collection of twigs painted white in a clear vase and add a hint of glittery spray paint to the branches to create a cool, frosty touch.


Want a little more color?  How about a pink, purple or blue theme?  Buy an artificial tree or purchase a real tree and have it flocked a pretty color.   You can even find black trees that make a dramatic statement. 

 Colorful Purple Christmas Tree Theme


Flocked Purple Christmas Trees

Or here’s a Christmas tree that is contemporary and colorful.  Called the tytree, after it’s designer, Ty Arnold, this tree is made from acrylic and brings a fun and festive touch to any modern space.  Check out TyTree for more.

Here is an interesting idea.  An upside down christmas tree? 

Upside Down Christmas TreeUpside down Christmas TreeFor other decorating touches, keep it simple.  A glass bowl filled with water and topped with tea light candles or cranberries floating on the surface makes a beautiful addition to a contemporary table or hang a few glass icicles across a curtain rod.

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