Coordinate Your Holiday Decor with Your Interior Design Style Part 2: Country Christmas Decorating Ideas

Part 2: Country Christmas Decorating Ideas

Have a Cozy, Country Christmas

If you’ve got a passion for country decor, you can let your infatuation blossom during the holidays.  There’s an endless amount of choices for creating the feeling of an old fashioned country Christmas. 


A real tree will quickly establish the natural feel country decorating abounds with and you’ll get that wonderful pine scent wafting through your home.  Let the whole family participate in making strands of popcorn and cranberries or buy readymade look-alikes if there’s no time for stringing.  Garland made from wooden beads also adds a taste of country to your tree.

Another fun project for the family is making cookie cutter ornaments from a salt and flour paste, baking them, then painting them with acrylic paints.  Don’t forget to use a straw to create a hole to run a ribbon through for hanging before you bake the ornaments.  This project is not only fun, but if you spray an acrylic topcoat on the finished products and store them carefully in a dry place, your adorable ornaments will last for years to come. You can even hang the metal cookie cutters on the tree for additional ornaments.   Of course, you can buy readymade versions of these decorations as well.

The more natural you keep your decor, the more country it will feel.  Tie bundles of cinnamon sticks together with red and white ribbon and hang them from the tree or fill a bowl with pinecones.  Dry orange peels and mix them in pine needles, whole cloves and broken cinnamon sticks for a fragrant holiday potpourri.  Grapevine wreaths with holiday accents look great on the door or in the windows.  Center candles in terra cotta pots and surround the rim with moss for a festive country touch or fill the pots with colorful ornaments. 

Use warm additions like a tartan wool throw across a rocker or a colorful quilt in the place of a tree skirt.  Add whimsical notes with teddy bears wearing mufflers or ski hats or birdhouses topped with artificial snow and miniature presents around them.  There’s an endless array of ideas for decking your halls country style.