Contemporary Interior Design: Unique Statement Pieces

Use Statement Pieces to Set the Focal Point of a Room

 statement pieces

When designing interiors, some rooms just scream for an out of the ordinary, unconventional focal point.  Something that catches the eye first, and then makes you stop in your tracks to take a second or third look.   Is it a bookcase that resembles a set of DNA cells?   Or maybe a sexy wicker chair?  How about a curvy cabinet that looks like it is shimmying?  Most of these are pieces from the Cappellini furniture line ( and create statements in their own right.

Cappellini Progetti Chest

A Personal Reaction to Art with Statement Pieces

While not for everyone, this company knows how to create art forms into furniture.  Each piece has elements that are aesthetically pleasing and celebrate contemporary life.  For example, the Pylon chair is an architectural feat designed by Tom Dixon in 1992.  This wire chair coated in aluminum is available in various colors, and towers 78” high.  It may not provide comfort and luxury, but instead relates a visual and personal reaction as a piece of art. 

Cappellin Pylon Chair

Statement Pieces and The Modern, Contemporary Living Space

By the same token, the whimsical Cloud Bookcase would be a great addition to any contemporary living space.  The polyurethane coated cells can be rotated and clipped together to form a modular shelving system.  Available in white, red, light and dark green; these units can also be ordered with internal lighting. 

Cappellini Cloud Bookcase

Francois Azambourg 2008 Camouflage RugTheir rugs are even a unique experience.  The Lucky rug of various greens in silk and viscose challenges you to find the four-leaf clover.  Each rug is a statement piece in its own right.

Cappellini’s website encourages exploration of their products, available through interior designers, showrooms and various flagship stores throughout the world, this line brings the “fun” back into functional.  Their simplicity of shape welcomes lively humor into its design, allowing for unique pieces you are unlikely to find in every house on the block.

Additional Inspiration to Creating a Unique Interior with Statement Pieces

Here are some additional unique statement pieces from around the web. I went a little crazy with the pictures for Friday.  I hope you enjoy :)

statement piece

unique home statement piece

unique modern furniture

unique contemporary chair

Revolving Contemporary Cabinet

bath room cappellini


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