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Contemporary Area Rugs


Ruckstuhl’s rug collection offers exquisite and innovative design ideas for your home’s floorcovering.  Unusual shapes and smart use of materials are the hallmark of their design aesthetic. 

contemporary area rugs

Felt Whool Rug by Deborah Moss

Deborah Moss’s Night Sky is a glittering work of art with hand painted hues and stitched on crystals that emulate the depths of the universe.  The round shape has an infinite quality that is perfect for making a statement in an entry way.


contemporary area rugsContemporary Area Rugs - Night Sky by Deborah Moss

Ruckstuhl: Night Sky, Deborah Moss’s contribution to Edition Ruckstuhl, is by far the smallest carpet in this collection. Its dimensions alone underscore the intimate character of its design, which displays an impressive poetry. The delicate colour gradients on the hand-painted felt depict an authentic image of the infinite expanses of the night sky. Stitched-on crystals create a vibrant contrast to the simplicity of the base material, lending an air of luxury to this carpet.

contemporary area rugsContemporary Area Rugs - Night Sky by Deborah Moss

Pure Wool Area Rug - Hypnos by Atelier Oï

The Hypnos rug does exactly the opposite – instead of pulling you into the universe, it pushes you down a spiraling hole.  Rather than a depressive state, Hypnos is an elegant example of movement and pattern.  Centered in a room, the rug may give the impression that your furniture has a gravitational pull toward it.

contemporary area rugsContemporary Area Rugs - Hypnos Rug by Atelier OïRuckstuhl: The design of the Hypnos carpet was inspired by “Les Danseuses”, a kinetic installation which Atelier Oï presented in 2009 on the occasion of the grand opening of its new office and workshop building in La Neuveville. Within the circular, ever narrower wavy lines that characterise the carpet’s striking pattern, the installation’s motif of rotating, ornamentally perforated textile umbrellas that instinctively evoked an association with the robes of whirling dervishes has been frozen in place.

contemporary area rugsWool Rug - Hypnos - Modern area rugs by Ruckstuhl

Pure Wool and Sheepskin Rug - Pompon by Hugo Zumbühl

Ruckstuhl Rug’s whimsical side shows with the Pompon rug.  It’s three dimensional effect has a spontaneously happy aura, making you smile each time you see it.

contemporary area rugsPure Wool and Sheepskin Rug - Pompon by Hugo ZumbühlRuckstuhl: The starting point for Zumbühl’s contribution to Edition Ruckstuhl was once again a material discovery. The backing fabric for the Pompon carpet with its dense white tuft is made of chenille yarn, a particularly plush wool thread that has practically disappeared from the market. Pompoms stitched in at regular intervals animate the surface structure and provide colourful accents. The result is a spontaneous image of a flowery meadow illuminated only by the light of the moon.

contemporary area rugsPure Wool and Sheepskin Rug - Pompon by Hugo ZumbühlRuckstuhl has distributors all over the US, and will create its rugs in custom sizes and colors to suit your needs.  Using natural materials of wool, linen, and silk, they create heirloom quality rugs that will last a lifetime.  Check out the entire line to find a rug that is perfect for you.

RuckStuhl 2010 Designs Contemporary Area Rugs

Nine designers from Europe and Canada designed twelve out-of-the-ordinary limited edition carpets. The constraints imposed by larger production runs were simply ignored in order to create an exquisite selection of artworks for the floor which bear the distinct signatures of their designers.

 contemporary area rugs

contemporary area rugs

contemporary area rugs

contemporary area rugscontemporary area rugscontemporary area rugs

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