Color Therapy Orange and The Sacral "Sex" Chakra

What is Color Therapy? Part 3: Orange Chakra Color Therapy

Orange Chakra Color Therapy

Color therapy is a form of holistic healing that has been used for thousands of years to treat physical and emotional issues. Also known as chromotherapy, color therapy is regaining popularity today. According to ayurveda, the 5,000 year old traditional medicine of India, every color has certain healing energies. By using color therapy techniques when you are decorating your home or office, you bring those healing energies into your space and enhance or diminish certain qualities. 

In this post we will take a deeper look into the color orange, The Sacral Chakra or “Sex Chakra”,  how orange color therapy can effect the mind and body, and how to integrate orange color therapy into your home decorating.

Orange Chakra AKA The Sacral “Sex” Chakra

The sacral chakra (sex chakra) is associated with the color orange and regulates circulation and metabolism. Orange is used to treat depression, kidney and lung problems and hypothyroidism. It’s also beneficial in treating respiratory, spleen, pancreatic and digestive issues. It helps ease reproductive difficulties as well.

The Psychological Impacts of Decorating With Orange Color

Psychologically, the orange color is used to promote joy and happiness, increase concentration, creativity and energy. It enhances emotional health and encourages socialization. It’s a great color to use in offices or entertaining areas.

The negative effects of too much orange may be tiredness, pessimism or confusion. Blues and greens are compliment colors that will balance the effect. 


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