City Chic

They’ve created two room scenes for us. The first is simply City Chic Living Room


We don’t always think of when it comes to finding contemporary furniture and accessories, but that may change. They’ve recently come out with what they call City Chic—still a bit classical, but with some really interesting new designs with a more modern vibe. These new pieces probably fit into what most designers consider contemporary transitional style, where traditional and contemporary exist side by side in perfect harmony.

Wisteria City Chic Collections

Rooted in traditional with a Louis XV Salon Sofa and Doric Column Accent Table, this city chic room shows off modern style in  a Mid-Century Modern Console Table, Sleek Cement Lamp, unique Horse Gesture Painting and decorative pillows like the Gray Flannel Check Pillow, the Zebra Pillow and the Paisley Pillow. The stunning Nickel Silver Ribbed Mirror is another modern touch, along with an updated French garden chair.

The second room is the Colorful City Chic Living Room:

A crisp slip-covered sofa is at the core of this design. It’s very versatile because it can be changed in a flash by adding different toss pillows, like the Zebra Pillow, the Bright Purple Square or Kidney Pillow or the beautiful Paisley Pillow. A gorgeous timeless companion piece is the Nickel Silver Arm Chair. Making a quiet style statement in the corner, the very contemporary Acrylic Leaning Bookshelf is stylish and functional. The room remembers it classical roots with several different Plaster Wall-Mounting Capitals and the Roman Capital Coffee Table.

Wisteria City Chic Collection