Choosing Interior Design And Decorating Styles That Fit Your Personality: Part 1

How To Choose A Decorating Style

Do you envy people who seem to instinctively know what looks best in their home? The ones who automatically gravitate towards the perfect colors, furniture and accessories that make their home look beautiful and yet reflect so much of their own distinctive personality. They can toss out phrases like contemporary minimalist or bohemian retro with complete confidence. How do they manage to have such a natural flair for design when it can seem so complicated to others?

Identifying The Right Design Styles For Your Personality

Part of the problem may hinge on the fact that you aren’t really clear what each design style encompasses.  There are hundreds of design styles out there and it can be quite confusing if you’re not a decor aficionado.   What you need to remember, though, is that you don’t have to be a designer to know what is right for your home.  With just a little basic decorating knowledge, you can create a style that is perfect for you. 

Determine Which Design Styles Will Set The Right Mood

Before you settle on a particular style that has a name like shabby chic or Scandinavian modern, oftentimes it’s easier to determine a mood you want to create in a room - formal, casual, warm or cool- then develop the actual style from there.  In this first part of a series, let’s first look at what creates each mood.  That will help you determine what colors and textures are best suited for the environment you’re trying to develop and you’ll have a great jumping off place to start developing your own sense of style.

Choosing Interior Design And Decorating Styles That Fit Your Personality. Part 2: Formal Interior Decorating and Design.