Choosing Interior Design And Decorating Styles That Fit Your Personality: Part 2

Formal Decorating And Design Styles

 When you think of formal rooms, think of symmetrical elegance. Furnishings are usually balanced, often in identical pairs, arranged on a straight axis around the room. They frequently feature rich, luxurious fabrics, dark woods, elaborately framed artwork and mirrors, shine and sparkle. The room usually has a central focal point, such as a fireplace, large window or an elegant piece of antique furniture. This look is designed to impress and goes well in homes with high ceilings, large windows and showy architectural features.

If your home lacks these architectural elements, you can still use some of the fundamentals to create a formal feeling. For a formal look in a more family-oriented home, choose fabrics that are durable but have a lush look rather than true velvets or silks. Use more formal looking accessories like toss pillows with braid or tassels. Employ painting techniques to simulate the look of rich wall coverings. Choose richly hued area rugs in practical fibers.

Choosing Interior Design And Decorating Styles That Fit Your Personality. Part 1: Choosing The Right Style To Fit Your Personality