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Known globally for reworking the gorgeous echo of Shanghai Style for a Western audience.

Shanghai Tang has branched out to include boutiques in several large cities across the globe, develop a home and accessories line, and open a remarkably popular cafe that has been featured on the BBC. 

Shanghai Tang“Phoenix” Turquoise Porcelain Jar - Shanghai TangThis diverse sets of interests serves to promote the Shanghair Tang’s mission to deliver a lifestyle vision of Contemporary Chinese Chic.” Established in 1994, Shanghai Tang promotes its vision through the perfect elegance of its boutiques in Paris, New York City, London, Madrid, Hong Kong and, yes, Shanghai.

Shanghai TangDragon Wine Glass - Shanghai Tang GlasswareShanghai Tang’s home accessories line is no less astounding than their clothing for men, women and children. With an online boutique now open for e shopping, you are all set to discover the beauty of Shanghai Tang’s

style wherever you are!

5R Tibetan Cloud photo frame

Shanghai Tang

Inspired by Tibetan patterns and the shape of Ling Zhi - a mushroom used in traditional medicine - the stylized Clouds symbolize immortality and good luck. The Tibetan patterns are grooved and the colors are dripped by hand into the etched bezels. When it comes to colors, red is for tradition and the lightblue gives a softer finish.

Imperial Table Collection

 Shanghai TangChinese Chic Imperial Table Collection by Shanghai TangThe Imperial Table Collection is a dining collection drawing its inspiration from the grandeur of Chinese Emperors’ dining traditions and it features the Dragon, emblem of the Emperor and most auspicious symbol of great power, and fortune and comes as another perfect celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon.


The Mongolian Collection

Shanghai TangThe Mongolian Collection by Shanhai TangTo celebrate this Christmas, Shanghai Tang launches the Mongolian Collection, a winter fantasy inspired by the magical landscape and mythical traditions of Mongolia. Decorated your living room with

these hand painted, colorful and festive pieces!

City Chic App

Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang on iPhone and iPad

Experience the city of Shanghai and Beijing in style with Shanghai Tang City Chic

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