Chinese Architecture and Interior Designs By Archi-Union

Founded in 2003 by Prof. Philip F. Yuan (Tongji University, Shanghai, China), Archi-Union Architects is a Shanghai-based architectural design firm providing solutions to architectural problems through a combination of academic research and practice.

Archi-Union follows a multidisciplinary approach in the practice of architectural design, engaging specialists from different fields in the creative process.The office philosophy builds upon the digital culture that has developed in the field of architecture within the past decades.

Amidst the emerging global trends that drive the design process in the architectural and urban field, Archi-Union’s vision is described by the term ‘glocalization’: we design on a local level, while maintaining an international vision. That way, Archi-Union has managed to introduce a design style that is an amalgam of the global trends and the local traditional architectural approach. From this stems the low-tech digital fabrication method ‘Digital Tectonics’ which merges the concepts of tectonic construction and ecology that are catalyzed through a parametric design process, in essence combining digital technology and craftsmanship.

Our long-term vision for a project and the commitment to sustainable development leads us to follow international sustainability standards in our projects and actively collaborate with sustainability consulting companies. In this conceptual frame, we aim at carrying out research on ecological, energy-saving ideas.