Chic Kitchen Designs

Food For Thought …

Who better than Mother Nature can mix spectacular and inspiring color combinations? Oh sure, you could go to the paint department of your favorite home improvement store and nab a deck of cards worth of paint chips that create color groupings for you, but for a look that truly transcends time, why not turn to life?

My sister is redoing her kitchen right now, and in my experience, the kitchen has always been the heart of a home. Especially now that so many families are looking for open floor plans where the kitchen is an integral part of the living/entertaining area.

I would love, love, love to do my sister’s kitchen like a Granny Smith apple! 

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Your browser may not support display of this image.Picture it: granny smith-green walls and maybe a tile backsplash, cabinets in a creamy white, just like the apple’s flesh, a caramel granite countertop and pewter embellishments to imitate the stem and seeds! And let’s not forget the Braeburn variety for a fun orange-red accent color splashed around the kitchen … Now I’d say that’d be one Country Chic kitchen! How’s that for food for thought?