Cheap Wall Art Ideas for Home Decorating

Inexpensive Wall Art Ideas

Five Inexpensive Wall Art Ideas


I’ve always felt that if I didn’t have the right thing to hang on the wall, then I’d rather see it bare. I decided long ago I would run into the perfect piece during my travels, but my mind tends to not be thinking of my living room during vacation. The time has come to get something up on those empty spaces and finish off the room.

Inexpensive Wall Art IdeasSince I’m still waiting for that perfect piece, I didn’t want to tie up a lot of money on something that may be finding a different home in the future.

Inexpensive Wall Art IdeasWhat I discovered is that there are great sources for reproductions are pleasing to even the most discerning art snobs.

Inexpensive Wall Art IdeasOne company I’ve found, Roma Moulding, is a great resource for unframed “paintings” on canvas. These pieces are reproduced from an original piece of art and printed in a process called giclee (pronounced zhee-klay). The image of the painting is regenerated from a high resolution digital scan and then printed with archival quality inks. Many times the process layers the inks to produce a textural painted finish that looks nearly like the original. Romo offers numerous styles and sizes, and is affordable.  Frame It For Less is another company offering many inexpensive yet unique wall art solutions.

Giclee Framed Painting by Frame It For Less

Wall Art Ideas: Custom Framed Posters


Posters are another great way to fill a space. Forget the old dorm room look – the new cast of posters are being expertly printed on quality paper, and are being used side by side with investment pieces of art – you may not even realize it is a poster at first.

Inexpensive Wall Art IdeasGreat websites, such as,, or offer everything imaginable and even sometimes rare reproductions. Some of these sites will offer wonderful custom framing so that you don’t have to spend more on an elaborate frame. By the time you have it shipped, you may be still under $300 for a substantial piece.

Wall Art Ideas: Local Art Fairs

Inexpensive Wall ArtI have also found that local art fairs or thieves markets are a great way to literally steal art. Most of the artists that sell at these don’t know the value of their pieces, or aren’t concerned about the business end of it – they are sharing what they love to do most. I’ve found some great original pieces for under $100 that look just as good if not better than objects I’ve spent much more on.

 Cheap Wall Art Ideas: Do It Yourself

For those that are more creative and less inhibited, painting your own canvas is a fast, thrifty way of filling up a space. By performing your best Mark Rothko impression, you can transform a pre-stretched canvas into a masterpiece of color, and no one may be the wiser that it didn’t come straight from a gallery. Check out some of the masters in art history books – Jackson Pollack’s technique isn’t hard to recreate.

Wall Art Ideas: Estate Sales

Lastly, check out estate sales or resale shops. Someone’s old trash may turn out to be a real treasure, and if you only have to have it reframed to enjoy it, then it was money well spent. Buy what speaks so you and don’t get too caught up in matching the room. Art is the biggest extension of your personality in home decorating, and be sure you that YOU love it!


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