Cheap Chic Tips for Decorating on a Budget


It can be difficult figuring out how to decorate a room on a tight budget. Style Estate suggests that you update the savvy techniques still found today in dorm rooms and first apartments across the world, and start hunting for your favorite image to frame and then hang on your wall. Rather than worrying if you have enough money to buy a print or painting, remember those times when a poster did the trick!

Small imprints and publishing houses that focus on arts and culture are “catching on” to this game, and have decided to join rather than resist the trend. Taschen has released boxed sets of plates that reproduce beautiful plates of flora, fauna and sea creatures, all of which are suitable for framing. 

Taschen PlatesYou might also consider taking your favorite art deco calendar, cut out the images and create a beautiful collage. You might also hang the images in a series, creating and then curating your own personal gallery!  For inspiration, print some of the color psychology photos found on Style Estate on high gloss paper and frame them. 

Take a field trip to a local gallery or store devoted to art books, and dive between the pages to pull and think of images you might want to see in your home. Find the images on the Internet, or purchase the books second hand from online services such as

Finally, Penguin Books has made it easy for you to love the small postcard format (and, in turn, love them) by releasing a box of one hundred of vintage book covers as postcards. Send fifty of them to friends and family, and save your “favorite fifty” to decorate your house.  You will love the results!

Alibris (for used books)


Amazon (for Taschen prints, various calendars and Penguin postcards)

Ikea (for inexpensive frames)