Charles Archer

Charles Archer: Dynamic Artist, Dynamic Designer

“Tropical Vibe” by Artist, Charles Archer“Dynamic Constructivism” is Charles Archer’s term for his form of energetic, inspired and “no hesitation” based mixed media art technique where medium meets creative spark. Wood, metal, glass and other organic non-synthetic materials, make up his palette, the canvas is one where no hesitation occurs, a millisecond can make the difference in a creation which is symbiotic with a predetermined “primordial past” and one which is at best uninspired and perhaps, even unnatural.

“Dragon’s Life” by Charles ArcherFound or discarded objects, become “renobled” as Archer puts it. He takes materials that have no use for anyone or anything else, and finds the purpose and the beauty in each.

“Ravishing” by Artist, Charles Archer.Archer is a world traveler from Malta to Munich, he has made his way as an artist by piecing together his artistic destiny from encounters with other master artists, nature and facing his own self-proclaimed narcissism. Each part of the globe his feet touched, he opened himself to and embraced the culture, nature and beauty for all it was worth, then bringing the same back to his own art.

“Creation” by Artist, Charles ArcherView more of Charles Archer’s intriguing work at Artist Archer