Channel Your Inner Carmen Miranda With Santa Barbara Designs

Dance the Night Away

The Flamenco Umbrella

Who would have thought that an umbrella could be the life of the party? At Santa Barbara Designs, they feel the outdoor umbrella should convey its own personality, as well as the personality of your back yard. Their Flamenco umbrella does just that, with its ruffled attitude, and has become one of their most popular styles to date.

As the wind rustles around the umbrella, the folds of the fabric do their own little dance and add a new element to outdoor decorating. The 7’ hexagonal diameter provides plenty of shade, and there are other colors as well as styles to choose from. Create your own backyard adventure around one of these lively umbrellas, and start channeling your own inner Carmen Miranda.

Written by Jan Finlayson. Edited by Ryan Kerby.