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Pins of the Day - June 27, 2014

Pins of the Day - June 27, 2014 ~ Be sure to follow me on Pinterest for all of the latest updates.

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Bentley Bay Penthouse

Bentley Bay Penthouse includes electronic system worth 1 million dollars. The winner for the Coolest Installation at Lutron Excellence Awards 2013.

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WireShade by Marc Trotereau

The wireshade project is an interpretation of the making and the use of the lampshade.

The traditional making of a lampshade is a process based on brazing metal rods. Marc Trotereau decided to adapt this way of making by creating a jig, which gives the possibility to braze three metal rods together at the same time. This set up enable the production of three-dimensional cubical shapes.

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The Josephine Floor Lamp by Sander Mulder

Made from 16 transparent contours illuminated by a dimmable fluorescent bulb, this floor lamp provides a modern reincarnation of the traditional ambient lamp.

Through the use of special materials and accurate CNC milling techniques, not only the hood section, but the whole body of this fixture emits a magic light. Together with table lamp ‘Marie-Louise’, and chandeliers ‘Therese’ and ‘Therese XL’ this sophisticated design is part of a series of unique lighting fixtures, which are guaranteed eye catchers in any interior.

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Astral Lights by Vivaterra

Imagine a canopy of stars enveloping your ceiling and walls. As you gaze up you’re transported into a celestial galaxy blissfully lost in space.

These metal global astral lights create that magic sensation as they illuminate room and hallway, shedding pinpoint bursts of light in all directions. Fitted with plug-in cords, these lights can also be hard-wired.

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Naturoscopie by Noe Duchaufour Lawrance

On the occasion of Design Miami/Basel, Galerie BSL presented ‘Naturoscopie,’ a collection of limited edition pieces created especially for this event by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance.

With this work, the designer is resolutely committed to go beyond a literal transcription of nature to rekindle the impressions and sensations that we all feel in facing certain natural phenomena. ‘Naturoscopie’ is above all reminiscence, a personal, as well as universal, Proust’s Madeleine. Design asserts itself as a vector of impressions, an image developer, a receptacle and a transmitter of emotions. 

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The Nymphea Chandelier by Vaulot & Dyèvre


The Nymphea project is a chandelier that reverses the usual workings of ceiling lights.

Whilst suspended from the ceiling, one looks at the chandelier from above. This switching between up and down creates an original lighting atmosphere, both intimate and close to the floor. The possibility to change the orientation of the lights also contributes to the design of the lamp. Like water lilies, the disks that make the lamp seem to float above an invisible surface. The observer can think that one has his feet in the water and looks to the bottom of an imaginary pond.

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Clean lines, reflective raw aluminum, efficient use of material, and an interlocking assembly were ideas graypants had in mind as they began designing the step light.

The natural process of prototyping different models led to interesting plays on light and shadow. The sixteen interlocking aluminum rings and the joinery in assembly become the beauty of this fixture. Reveals left between each layer cast concentric shadows on the surrounding walls and ceiling. The random pixels of light on the surface are a result of the assembly but also create a unique pattern for each fixture.

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