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Gorgeous Abstract Art by Lynne Taetzsch

If you love abstract art and are really into today’s painters, take a look at the work of Lynne Taetzsch and see what you think.
Her bold and colorful work is stunning. And the number of pieces available in her collection right now is quite astounding, over 200 square paintings and prints, 100 horizontal paintings and prints, 75 vertical paintings and prints and 150 original paintings on canvas.

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LA Closet Design

Wardrobes are the ultimate fashion accessory.

Each LA Closet Design project is customized to reflect the needs and style of the individual client. Whether masculine, sophisticated and streamlined or feminine and high fashion, the closet should be a high functioning, natural extension of the home and an actual living space.

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Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture

Comfort, the beauty of imperfections, the allure of time-worn objects, and the appeal of simple practical living: these are the cornerstones of the Shabby Chic brand.

Like the cozy familiarity of a well-worn pair of faded jeans, the dilapidated elegance of an Italian villa, the worn grandeur of faded velvets and mismatched floral china handed down from your grandmother’s attic, the brand is a revived appreciation for what is used, well-loved, and worn, it is a respect for natural evolution and a regard for what is easy and sensible.

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Unique Furniture By A2 Design

A2 is a Swedish furniture brand owned and established by the design studio A2 designers.

After working with different comissioned projects for a while we decided to launch our own furniture brand. After one year of preparations we finally launched the A2 furniture collection at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2009.

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Ayrton Bed by Ora-Ito

Ora-Ito want­ed to pay ho­mage to Ayr­ton Sen­na by de­sign­ing this mod­el where the bed­side ta­bles are in­te­grat­ed in­to the bed to cre­ate an orange key shape.

This de­sign cre­ates in turn a cut­away, which serves as a stor­age space in the form of a For­mu­la 1 cir­cuit. The struc­ture of this mod­el is made of a sin­gle line and pro­vides all of the func­tions that are re­quired around your bed.

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The Facebook Bed

Check out the Facebook bed - Fbed Design by Tomislav Zvonarić

The Facebook bed or “FBed” is a conceptual multipractical bed design that would allow you always to be up to date and close to your online friends even when you sleep. The idea is that you may hop in front of your screen directly from your bed when you wake up, and  inverse when you get tired and wan’t to go sleep…


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Swarovski Crystal Inspired Furniture by Eyal Burstein

For Design Miami Basel 2012 Swarovski has commissioned Beta Tank to create a collection of objects inspired by Swarovski.

The result has been a window in to the studios research project and one in to the world of Swarovski present and future. There are essentially two different objects created for this commission. The first is a 2.5m long bench made out of acrylic profiles, which are placed side by side in kit form, ending up in a bench like form.

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Unique Lamp and Lighting Designs By CastleWerks


Each Castlewerks piece that is created is an investment in beauty and craftsmanship. All pieces are available through the Castlewerks Etsy Store.

Each is unique. Some have a Craftsman aesthetic or an apparent Asian influence, while others had a decidedly mid-century feel. They all have integrity. Fusing classic sensibility with contemporary style is Michael Mccoy’s guiding principle, whether designing an individual piece of furniture or cabinetry for an entire room.

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