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Elite NY Loft Featuring $20 Million Art Collection

Elite NY Loft Featuring $20 Million Art Collection

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90 Ideas For Making Beautiful Furniture From Upcycled Pallets

Updated on Jun 12, 2013 by Registered CommenterStyle Estate

As wood is getting scarcer, wooden furniture is becoming more expensive, sought after and valuable.

At the same time there is a trend towards a simpler lifestyle and bringing natural materials like wood back into the home. Alot of people salvage these materials from shipyards, buildings, barns and factories and “upcycle” it (another buzz word) into beautiful furniture. 

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Beautiful Art by Saatchi

Reflected (red canoe) Charlotte Evans


Interior decorators advise you to choose a focal point in the room you’re decorating.

Sometimes the room has a feature that automatically draws the eye - maybe a great view, a fireplace, or a set of French doors leading to a balcony. If the area is missing a natural focal point, however, it’s smart to create one using an attention getting piece of art. No galleries near your location or their hours aren’t convenient for you? Then find art that will be the star of your room at internet galleries like Saatchi Online.

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Ceiling Platter Sculpture

For wow factor, there’s nothing like the glow of color from this hand-blown glass ceiling sculpture.

Endlessly variable, the ceiling platter sculpture can be made to perfectly suit your room and imagination. The only limiting factor is the manufacturable size of plate glass.

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Gorgeous Abstract Art by Lynne Taetzsch

If you love abstract art and are really into today’s painters, take a look at the work of Lynne Taetzsch and see what you think.
Her bold and colorful work is stunning. And the number of pieces available in her collection right now is quite astounding, over 200 square paintings and prints, 100 horizontal paintings and prints, 75 vertical paintings and prints and 150 original paintings on canvas.

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Perennial Fern Print – Hawaiian by Wisteria

Published in the mid-19th century, “Ferns: British & Exotic” was researched and written by naturalist E.J. Lowe.

All the artwork, such as the one that was the inspiration for this print, was created by A.F. Lydon. The book was comprised of several block-printed pages of various types of ferns, a process called chromoxylography. Once the blocking was completed, detailing was added by hand. This print is their homage to this obsolete craft. It is framed in polished white wood with hanging hooks in the back.

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Fiori Glass Series by Dale Chihuly

Check out these beautifully designed glass art pieces by Dale Chihuly.  

Each piece is mastefully created and are awe inspiring to look at.  The Fiori Glass Series has an indoor and outdoor series.  Fiori would work beautifully as an accessory inside or a magical addition to any garden.  The pictures are just stunning and I would love to have a piece from this exquisite collection.

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Sid Dickens Spring 2012 Collection of Memory Blocks

The flight of Spring! With his 2012 Daydream Collection, Sid Dickens has dreamed up a fanciful romp to the brighter side of life.

Joy and abundance inspires this vibrant new collection. Gilded with delicate touches of gold; whimsical wreaths adorn classic heart motifs. An elegant honeybee flashes his wings. Under the moon lies a magical playground. Now the world is ripe with inspiration and nature calls upon each spirit to imagine a new reality. Sunshine beckons us outside to collect its many colours; eternities held in a single afternoon. In this dream world, fantasy and memory collide. Let us drift a while in this reverie, building castles in the clouds; as real as a dream is to a child.


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