Bullet Acrylic Coffee Table from Alexander Von Furstenberg

Bullet Acrylic Coffee Table from Alexander Von Furstenberg

One more reason to believe “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” or “diamonds are forever,” Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s coffee table was created because of her love of diamonds.

This piece was inspired by the emerald cut faceted diamond—thus The Bullet Acrylic Coffee Table’s beautifully complicated shape. It’s actually difficult to understand how such a design can come together. Ms. Von Furstenberg says that much like a diamond in the rough, a raw piece of acrylic is dull and unappealing, “But when faceted, buffed, and shined the attributes of acrylic take on the same as that of a well cut and polished diamond.”

From the AFV Limited Edition Modern Furniture Collection, the Bullet has been widely acclaimed, becoming one of the most photographed and well-known pieces in the collection, often featured in the media.

It isn’t one of those pieces of furniture readily available in your local retail store or showroom. The original edition of the Bullet Table consisted of only 25 pieces—20 in all clear and a mere five in black and clear. Considered a work of art, it is now available for special order in custom sizes and other colors.

More Beautiful Designs by Alexander Von Furstenberg

 The sans serif, A-Framed Blacksmith Acrylic DeskThe sans serif, A-Framed Blacksmith Acrylic Desk will make a bold yet understated statement in any office.  When sitting behind this oversized modern desk, you feel the power of it’s simple design.  Sleek, sexy, and  The glass tabletop is available in an array of colors, and can be mixed with a selection of acrylic colors for the bases.

Sledge Acrylic Cocktail Table by Alexander Von FurstenbergA modern acrylic coffee table with glass-mirrored insets the Alexandra Von Furstenberg Sledge Contemporary Coffee Table is understated elegance and a modern addition to your living room. The classic shape is slightly offset by the triangular shaped legs made in clear acrylic and tinted with bronze.  The the two tier mirrored glass tabletops are both practical and beautifully designed to allow the top tabletop to stay clear while still being able to have all of your practical living room necessities tucked away on the lower tier.  The overall design of the Sledge Cocktail Table is sleek, contemporary, and yet still classic and timeless.

THE AVF ACRYLIC COASTERSSold in sets of 4 or 8, these fun coasters are a perfect way to add color to your table.  Mix and match the colors to make your own customized color set with the 8 available colors.   All of them are laser etched with Alexandra’s graffiti styled initials to give it a slightly funkier and fun vibe.  They have been handcrafted with the finest quality acrylic.

Each coster is also finished off with a small clear rubber bumper to protect your table as well as allow you to stack them upon each other an not worry about scratching them.  When stacked up, they make for an interesting sculpture object to add color to your table.

The 2011 Limited Edition Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic Gem Box

THE AVF ACRYLIC BLOOMIN’ VASEDesigned from the finest grade acrylic, these beautiful simple bud vases make it easy to add color to your room or flower arrangements.  All the edges have been beveled by hand, and crafted carefully in the USA to give not only a luxurious look, but feel as well.  They look great in pairs, threes, or in all the colors.

THE FEARLESS ACRYLIC TRAY NESTING SETThe Fearless Acrylic Neon Trays are back and in more colors than before.  In your choice of colors of, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, White or Blue, you can mix and match to make your own customized set of trays. It’s fun to do, and the varieties are endless.

 The AVF Acrylic Treasure Boxes

AVF ACRYLIC CHARM CANDY BOWL TRIOThe popular AVF Charm Candy bowls have been one of Alexandra’s best selling items.  They’re great to give as a gift or a fun way to add a pop of color into your home.

ACRYLIC PICTURE FRAMESThe AVF Snap Frames get their name because they’re a snap to use.  Simply place your photo between the two sheets of Acrylic and then snap them together by lining up the two small magnets.  These unique and fun picture frames come in two sizes, 4”x6” and 5”x7” and can be turned to display horizontal landscape or vertical portrait photos.  You can also choose from 10 different colors to mix and match with. 

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