Boston Based Interior Designer Annsley McAleer


Recognized for her “optimistic” style, Boston based interior designer, Annsley McAleer, uses fresh color and pattern to keep her traditional style upbeat and forward looking.

Annsley is known for her close relationships with clients, resulting in chic interiors tailored specifically to each client’s needs and desires.

Annsley credits the warmth and personality in her work to her Southern upbringing. A native of Tennessee and Texas, Annsley graduated from Vanderbilt University and studied abroad in Europe. She started her career in interior design in New York working for Ralph Harvard, Inc. Later she moved to Boston and continued her career with, Carter & Co. These opportunities laid the foundation for Annsley to start her own design firm in 2004.

Annsley was honored in April 2007 as one of Domino Magazine’s “Domino 10: Decorators on the Verge” and in April 2009 as one of Traditional Home Magazine’s “20 Young Designers We’ve Got Our Eye On”. Achieving respect and recognition from the interior design industry, Annsley shows a natural ability to create beautiful spaces and a true love for the details.

Lindsay Nason joined Annsley in the spring of 2010 after relocating back to Boston from Charleston, South Carolina. Despite her formal interior design education at both the Boston Architectural College as well as Limperts Academy of Design in the UK, Lindsay credits her four years at the well-known Boston firm Bierly-Drake as the most valuable training of all. Her years spent there under the close direction of Lee Bierly and Christopher Drake were crucial in laying a strong design foundation for her to build upon and to prepare her for her career ahead.