BerlinRodeo - Fearless Interior Concepts

Having the courage to juxtapose incongruous styles


It is not necessarily an invitation to bad taste. On the contrary! Creative daring, unconventional ideas and a flair for the unexpected are at the core of every successful architectural innovation, including those in interior design.

This is what BERLINRODEO is all about.

A room is truly unique only when its personality reflects that of its inhabitants.

Be it a loft, a maisonette or a spacious town home, elegance meets versatility. While seemingly eccentric, our pragmatic solutions fit stylishly into an aesthetic concept. Contemporary architecture and modern design can create stunning residential solutions. As the presented rooms reveal, it is clear that modern interior design relies not only on technical and constructive aspects of emphasis, but also a sensitive handling of materials, light, and color, as well as functionality and aesthetics.


Living is about actively interacting with your environment. It’s about animating it and arranging it to your own tastes.

“Our mission is to help you with the latter. We will not be satisfied until our concepts inspire you and reflect your dreams and the many facets of your personality. Therefore, your wishes are always our priority.

We enjoy a challenge as much as we enjoy our work. And taking the easy way out has never been our forte.”

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