Beetling 3-D Wall Art Transforms Kids' Rooms

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Childrens Decor - Beetling 3-D Wall Art

Beetling Design brings a whole new concept of art to kids’ bedroom and playroom walls. Looking for a unique way to redecorate her children’s rooms to make them into spaces where they could have fun and enjoy an environment created just for them, Kristy Illic stumbled upon an irresistible idea using foam based material favored for film set designs.


Taking that idea and running with it, Illic’s new product is innovative foam-based called 3-D art called Beetling. The name is very appropriate because beetling is defined as projecting (adjective) or to project or protrude (verb) and that’s just what these whimsical pieces do, they stand out from the wall creating a wonderful 3-D effect.

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Illic says her wall decorations are lightweight and easy to assemble, giving parents the ability to almost instantly change the whole look of a child’s room. With an already wide array of collections, you’ll find lots of age-appropriate ideas from the nursery to grade school age kids’ rooms. Collections include Nursery Rhymes, Crowns, Noah’s Ark, Butterflies and Dragonflies, Safari and an amazing Solar System complete with all the planets and an astronaut.

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