Bedroom Decorating and Space Saving Tips

Bedroom space saving and decorating tips posted by Shabby Girl on Pinterest.  Follow Style Estate on Pinterest.

Use windows as the focal point, centering furniture in front of them. Conventional decorating wisdom says to position a bed against a wall, not in front of a window where it might block light and views. But in a small room, options are limited, and it’s often better to create a strong focal point with a bed than to awkwardly push it to one side.

Furnish for Comfort and Function

You’ll find your bedroom beckons to you to linger longer in the morning and retire earlier at night when you make the space about more than just sleeping. Pair a chair or two with a side table to create a cozy reading spot. Make the most of low ceilings common in attic bedrooms by tucking a low-profile chaise longue under the awkward angles of eaves. Or make use of the often-wasted space between two windows with a writing desk or a vanity.

Perfect Paneling Space Savers

Dress up the walls. Walls done in beaded board bring texture, visual height, and country cottage flair to the petite bedroom. Tall lamps bedside also help draw the eye upward.


Cozy and Elegant Space Saver

Use a canopy to draw the eye up and create the illusion of a high ceiling. Frame a headboard with a canopy to draw the eye up to the ceiling. A simple swag of fabric loosely draped over two swing-arm curtain rods positioned just below the ceiling gives this cozy cottage room a romantic and elegant finish.


Enhance Your Bedside Manner

Born of the need for a functional companion bedside, the night table has evolved from workhorse to fashionable sidekick. Use it as one more way to express your style while providing must-have storage. When symmetry matters, use matching side tables to bookend a bed. However, there’s no rule that says tables must be copies of each other. If space allows, tuck a dresser bedside to provide roomy real estate for nighttime essentials and loads of storage underneath.