Beautiful Designs by Janet Rice Interiors

Janet Rice is the founder of Janet Rice Interiors. A graduate of Boston College, the Oklahoma City native began her career as a buyer for Macy’s after completing their prestigious executive training program.

After a brief stint in the retail world, in 1996 Janet was offered the valued position of Assistant Editor at Family Circle. While at the leading National magazine, Janet was able to hone her talents as a stylist while working on hundreds of photo shoots. Her reputation for creating inspired interiors and vignettes grew and before long Janet became a force in the world of freelance styling.

After ten years as an editor and stylist in New York City, Janet moved to Dallas where she styled for a number of prestigious clients including Neiman Marcus, Horchow and JC Penney while also serving as a Contributing Editor for D Home and Garden. Janet designed and launched her own line of vibrant floor pillows and home decorative accessories, Jane and Coco. In 2002 Janet’s career move into design paid off when Jane and Coco received the prestigious Rising Star Award from Fashion Group International.

After years of working with a wide range of interiors, it was only natural that Janet would launch her own firm —- in 2009 Janet Rice Interiors was officially opened for business. Janet’s experience as a home editor, stylist, and accessories designer all enhanced the unique sense of creativity and style that set Janet apart.

In late 2011 Janet debuted her three innovative concepts —- 101 by Janet Rice, Shopping Sprees with Janet Rice, and Design Therapy with Janet Rice. Each of these new offerings provides clients with different ways to access the highest quality expertise from a top interior designer more affordably than traditionally hiring a design firm.

Janet’s approach toward design is constantly refreshed by her active involvement in the design community, her international travels, and her design businesses in New York and Texas. Her work evokes a sense of accessible glamour and has been featured in numerous publications including D Home and Garden, Modern Luxury, Dallas Child, The Dallas Morning News, and Victoria Magazine.

Janet spends her time between Dallas and New York City where she lives with her husband, two children and beloved Pomeranian.



The 101 Design Book is an innovative hybrid solution for “do-it-yourselfers” with discerning taste. The 101 Design Book is a detailed “road map” for design — custom-created for clients to autonomously execute the design of a room just as designer Janet Rice would do. Each 101 Design Book is created by an initial in-home consultation with Janet Rice during which she assesses the client’s needs, takes measurements of the room and then creates the design.


Design Therapy: Highly Effective 1 to 1 Meetings With Janet Rice

Design Therapy Sessions are highly effective solution-oriented one to-one meetings with Janet Rice in which Janet addresses all of a clients design-related needs. Janet will come to the clients home, signature floral arrangement in hand, review the space, answer design questions and address interior design related problems on they spot. Janet will develop a personalized strategic plan of action and give the client all of the necessary resources from which to execute a customized plan.


Shopping Sprees: Your Opportunity to Play a Part in the Design Process

Shopping Sprees with Janet Rice are the answer for those clients who want access to Janet’s sources for furnishings and home accessories while also being a part of the design process. Each “shopping spree” is a one-on-one seven-hour shopping extravaganza with Janet. Two days before shopping with the client, Janet will come to the home, review the rooms in question, make a complete shopping list and plot out a strategic “retail road map”.

On the actual shopping day, clients will get hands-on experience working with Janet as she takes them to visit her favorite haunts, suggests what to purchase, and gives detailed explanations about which pieces work and why. Janet will negotiate pricing whenever possible and will generously pass along her designer’s discount to her clients for that day.


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