Bathroom Design Style: Black Floral Lumiere by Jaclo

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas - Jaclo’s Black Floral Lumiere

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Sometimes a product comes along that makes you think “of course!” Jaclo has created one of those with its Black Floral Lumiere that features a shower rain canopy through a light fixture. This 12” diameter head allows for a soft, rain like effect with its 228 jets. The light is filtered internally with LED light, creating a luminous light within the shower. The fixture ceiling mounts for maximum headroom, dropping 12” from the ceiling.

Jaclo’s round Dream Light gives a more ethereal effect with its 16” diameter head featuring 352 jets. The LED lights come in white, red, amber, green, blue and warm white to create a showering experience. This fixture may be surface or flush mounted to suite your needs. An entire shower can be designed using side jets with the dream light for a customized spa-like atmosphere.