Bathroom Art: Memory Blocks by Sid Dickens

Bathroom Art Ideas - Memory Blocks

Contemporary Bathroom Wall Art With Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Bathroom art collage using Sid Dickens Memory Blocks.  Bathroom design titled “bathroom Vanity” by Saucy’s Sprinkles

Bathroom art: Sid Dickens Memory BlocksThis photo was used in a Sid Dickens Memory Blocks bathroom design contest.  Sid Collectors is a collector’s forum devoted to the artwork of Sid Dickens.

Bathroom Art - Memory Blocks by Sid DickensSid Dickens Memory Blocks bathroom art photo by Royal Touch

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks are best displayed in wall-mounted groupings. The size of the groupings is unlimited. One prominent collector displays 80 Memory Blocks in the foyer of her home. You can start with a single tile and build your collection according to your budget. Unlike static works like paintings, Sid Dickens Memory Blocks can be grouped in many arrangements of different sizes, shapes and sequences. As your decorating needs, feelings and moods change, your display can also change.

Bathroom design with Sid Dickens wall art

“Many different pieces of art look AMAZING on this paper, but I settled on three of my more neutral and textural Sid Dickens tiles (wing, “M” the commemorative tile for The Millennium, and Leo for my birthday).  Bathroom design, before and after”


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