Barbara Barry's Indochine, Elegant Floors For Kravet

Barbara Barry’s Indochine Carpet Collection for Kravet

“It is with great pleasure to present Indochine, my newest collection for Kravet.” Barbara Barry

Kravet Carpets is the latest addition to Kravet’s home furnishings offerings.  Kravet sources their carpets from all over the world, inviting artisans using centuries-old techniques and craftsment incorperating the latest in eco-friendly materials to create custom and semi-custom floor coverings for your interior that are created to last a lifetime.  Available in the widest range of colors and patterns, Kravet Carpets make a stunning foundation for any project.


Barbara Barry’s Indochine collection of carpets work in perfect harmony with the fabrics, trimmings and wallcoverings to create a timeless look that is rooted in luxury and simplicity.


Available in signature Indochine designs and colors, the rich and deeply tonal carpets are hand tufted and offered in cut, loop and high twist styles with full custom capabilities.

“It is with great pleasure to present Indochine, my newest collection for Kravet. Inspired by my travels through Asia, the collection includes fabric, trimming, wallcovering, carpet and drapery hardware. With this new collection of carpets, I have explored richer tones and exciting new patterns.  Shimmering and deeply tonal, these carpets set the perfect platform for upon which the collection unfolds.” Barbara Barry  


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Barbara Barry’s Indochine, Elegant Carpet Collection for Kravet

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