Awe Inspiring Designs by Martha O'Hara Interiors

From New York to Hawaii, Martha O’Hara Interiors designs and furnishes hundreds of homes across the United States every year.

Each project represents a seamless process that can take a homeowner from blueprints to finishing touches, or from outdated to outstanding. Renowned throughout the Midwest, the award winning firm is regularly featured in local and national publications.

Martha O’Hara Interiors offer functionality, style, and value. We believe that good business and great design go hand in hand. One does not function effectively without the other. At Martha O’Hara Interiors, we start with an agreed upon budget, making everything that follows a breeze.

Time and again, Martha O’Hara Interiors proves to be an incredibly cost effective firm.  While we do work on whole homes and large construction projects, we often start with a client’s single space. It always seems to lead to a future projects.

From classically traditional to cutting-edge contemporary, our work always reflects our clients while also maintaining a lasting allure!