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With the recent appointment of Bruce Hoeksema as Asprey’s new creative director “at large,” it is a good time to return to the famous English jewelry company to see how the Hoeksema “touch” already has created an impact. A designer with Valentino’s house for sixteen years and the founder of “VBH,” his own line of luxury accessories, Hoeksema has shouldered the responsibility for expanding Asprey’s tableware collection of fine silver, crystal and china. Change and its beauty are quickly arriving.

Hoeksema plans on expanding Asprey’s limited editions in silver and china even as he returns to the massive archives for inspiration. The brand is key, and Asprey has already imprinted itself on the work of Damián Garrido’s silversmiths as well as the brand’s line of horn and silver vases, crystal and the like.

With the announcement of a new line of fine china in the works as well as additional collaborations with key designers, Hoeksema is on his way toward returning Asprey’s tabletop collections to the “most coveted” list.


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