Artistic Lighting and Unique Furniture Designs by Tom Raffield

Art Meets Function

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By using a steam-bending process, Tom Raffield is creating quite a stir in the interior design markets.  Based in the UK, he creates stunning, functional works of art from sustainable wood sources.  Raffield uses local timber that is unseasoned and green.  Any wood waste he incurs is taken to a local smoke house which uses it to cure fresh mackerel and salmon. 

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Tom Raffield Lights - The Ash Pendant

The Ash Pendant No. 1 offers two hundred feet plus feet of steam bent English ash that is woven, coiled, and twisted around itself to create a sculptural piece.  Each one is handmade, signed and dated.  It is even wired to create a show-stopping light fixture.  Raffield can create the sculpture in various sizes. 

ash pendant

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Fom Raffield: Unique Interior Designs - Arc Chair

By contrast, his Arc Chair creates a comfortable Zen-like feel, taking on a different approach from every angle.  Made from solid, sturdy British Oak, this chair has a sweeping, graceful effect on a room.  This chair was created at the end of 2008, and has received numerous accolades in the design world. 

Tom Raffield arc chair

Tom Raffield: Unique Interior Designs - The Ribbon Light

Raffield’s newest product, a Ribbon Light designed for MARK, has been short listed for a Home and Garden Innovative Lighting award.  This graceful illuminator uses CFL bulbs to create a soft , sexy light. 

ribbon light

His award winning pieces are available to purchase from his site, and will be featured in the states in designer boutiques.  His designs create a bridge between art and function with useable, sturdy features.  Watch for this up and coming artist/designer to make a large impact in years to come.

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