Art Nouveau Style Modern Nightstands

Picked Right Off The Vine

Laura Spector’s Art Nouveau Inspired Furniture - The Modern Echo Nightstands

Art Nouveau Style Echo Nightstand by Laura Spector

Designer Laura Spector invigorates the imagination with her modern Echo Nightstands. A mirror image when used as a pair, t

hese pieces use bronze cast vines for the legs that actually retained the rough-hewn texture of the bark. The handles are also cast from variegated filbert branches.

Art Nouveau Furniture Nocturne Nightstand

She uses styles that reflect Japonoise and Art Nouveau Furniture movements in a unique way. The contrast between the rough textures and the sleek, high sheen gloss are a sweet contrast. No two pieces are exactly alike, as Laura Spector handmakes each custom nightstand to order. She will also work with client’s original ideas, and enjoys designing for the outdoors.