Apps to Help with Managing the Home

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Apps to Help with Managing the Home Any woman knows that managing a household can be a full time job. However, many women work full time and simply do not have that much time to devote to taking care of household chores.

Fortunately, there are tools out there designed to make this responsibility a little simpler. Apps found on Android smartphones have been designed with this aim in mind. The smartphones let you design your phone to your needs, whether it is to get some inspiration for your house or keep track of your keys.  is one of the bestsellers that combines beautiful design with breath-taking innovation. Laundry is a tedious part of any household. Keeping up with it can be a monumental task at times. When laundering your clothes, you must be able to understand the array of cleaning directions that come on clothing. One app is designed to help facilitate this.

The app, known as DressCARE, can help you figure out what those strange symbols may mean. To use the app you simply scroll through dials until they match the symbol you are trying to decode. The app will then tell you what the information on the tag means. It is possible to filter search results.


For instance, you can use criteria such as the type of laundry you will be doing. This could be washing, bleaching, ironing and other similar tasks. Another way many people filter information with this app is by washing temperature as well as things not to do. The DressCARE app can be downloaded for free to use on Android smartphones.