Alexa Hampton Speaks “The Language of Interior Design” in Her First Book


Alexa HamptonAlexa Hampton Interior Design

Chosen by Architectural Digest in their AD 100 publication as one of the world’s one hundred best interior designers every year since 2002, Alexa Hampton and any would be critics can rest assured she didn’t ride into the design world on the coattails of her iconic 20th century designer father, Mark Hampton.

Despite having started her design career at her father’s side, traveling the world as an apprentice at a young age and later rising in the ranks in her father’s firm, Hampton has continually forged a path all her own. 

Interior Designer Alexa Hampton

 Alexa HamptonInterior Designer Alexa HamptonWith a multi-faceted career as not simply a world-renowned interior designer, but the President of the firm her father started in 1976, MARK HAMPTON, LLC.  She has taken on many roles in the course of her young career including: show host “Of this Old House”;  senior design consultant for the television series “Find!” on PBS; selected interior designer of the official Guest House of the Former Presidents of the United States; designer for her own lines of Kravet fabrics and trims; designer of her furniture line for Hickory Chair Co.; and winner of numerous additional design awards from the top publications and organizations in the industry; and interior designer to high end clientele around the Globe.

Alexa HamptonAlexa Hampton Bedroom Interior Design

“The Language of Interior Design”

Interior Design Book by Alexa Hampton

Now to her credit and to our good fortune, she has become the author of her very first book, “The Language of Interior Design,” released to rave reviews by Random House.  The Random House review tells of Alexa learning “the language of good design” growing her ability to verbalize it, and a certainty of the elements which define it.  Her book takes readers on a visceral journey through the “stunning residences from her own portfolio.”  Through eighteen of her most brilliant designs, the reader finds Alexa illustrating the tried and true elements so important in creating cultivated and cohesive designs. Alexa Hampton

She goes in-depth to express how she answers to her clients needs; all the while never veering from the design elements (color, contrast, balance and proportion) she knows are a mainstay for achieving a timeless and classic aesthetic her clients will love. 

Alexa Hampton Living Room Interior DesignThe Random House review continues by highlighting the breadth and depth of design styles represented by the eighteen designs; from a restored 1912 landmark home on New York City’s Fifth Avenue to a modern clean lined apartment with a contemporary feel.  One of the standout designs she shares with her by now eager audience is that of her own apartment home replete with “an exquisite collection of architectural elements.” 

Alexa HamptonInterior Design Book by Alexa Hampton, “The Language of Interior Design”

Alexa Hampton: The Language of Interior DesignAlexa Hampton

Through her mastery of the language of design and her innate ability to communicate it in rich detail in a way her readers can understand, she gives the gift of a language so beautiful each of us can embrace it and possibly even master.

Alexa HamptonAlexa Hampton Yellow Bedroom Interior DesignHampton’s book, “Alexa Hampton: The Language of Interior Design,” was released on October 5, 2010 and is available through the major booksellers.

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