A Philosophy of Balance: Tips for Adding Turkish Elements to Your Decor

Turkish design is as unique as the country itself.

With no lack in color or vision, designers and decorators alike are turning to this style as a means to add a twist to muted tones and straight lines. Turkish design integrates a philosophy of balancing opposites. It combines rough with smooth, antique with modern, colorful with natural, and the result is an abiding sense of harmony.

Getting these elements into your home can range from flying to Istanbul to stroll through the rows of its ancient bazaar, or it can be as simple as looking for cushions on Etsy or window blinds online. The following five tips explore the best ways for decorators to get Turkish elements into their decor.

Travel to Turkey

A trip to Istanbul can be the perfect way to invigorate the senses and inspire the soul, all while learning about Turkish design and style. For inspiration, travelers should stroll through the country’s top architectural masterpieces like the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, and the Blue Mosque. Once inspired, they should head to the Grand Bazaar with a few empty suitcases and enough money to ship big items back home. At the Grand Bazaar, inspired decorators will find over 33 acres of shopping and over 4,500 shops that offer everything from scarves to silver.

Magic Carpet Ride

While preparing to integrate Turkish elements into your home, rugs are always a good place to start. Turkish rugs combine classic colors in amazing ways, and they make rooms feel exotic and cozy. Shoppers who do not have the good fortune of being able to travel to Turkey can always peruse the web for rug masterpieces. Decorators shopping online can head to ABC Carpet & Home’s Color Reform collection. There, they will find vintage carpets that have been salvaged and re-dyed with modern colors.

Throw Some Pillows Down

In her quirky design blog, Mr. Kate advises shoppers who cannot afford Turkish rugs to opt for more accessible fabrics, like those found on Turkish pillows. She advises decorators to visit Sukun on Etsy where they will be able to find beautiful and colorful Turkish throw pillows that range from $40 to $80 in price. Turkish pillows are about combining style with comfort, offering stylish options to relax.

Integrate Peshtemals

These Turkish towels are well known for for being unique and absorbent. They are the perfect way to combine form and function in the bathroom, but, as Hays explains, they can be used for much more than that. These towels are perfect as small table clothes or even as light blankets in the living room. Peshtemals can even draped over a window as a valance paired with a simple set of window blinds.

Funky and Functional

You can order Turkish bowls from The Loaded Trunk or many other online stores. These are perfect for breakfast cereal, but they can also be used as decoration in living rooms or bedrooms. With their downright decadent designs and colorful arrangements, these bowls will add a splash of color to any kitchen set.

Integrating one or more of these ideas into a home is the perfect way to make it feel more exotic. For some decorators, a simple cushion or pashtemal is all they need while other decorators will delight in adding rooms full of Turkish delights.